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In this episode, Michael talks about the recent Chris Kyle murder and the blowback he has received for his point of view.
Thanks to Bad Quaker, Freedom Feens for inspiration and reference.
We discuss troop worship and perceptions in our culture as well as if there are \"greater humans among us\".
Who\'s duty is it to protect you?

In this episode, we cover the following topics:
Rights are always under attack in a relentless attempt to
erode liberties and deny rights.
Be careful of who you blindly trust with 'protecting your freedoms' like the NRA or any other group.
It takes no effort to say "I believe in freedom" and to sit in a lazy boy while munching on junk food and watching the IdiotBox while assuming that the State is 'working hard for YOUR best interest'.
You have to unplug from the Matrix and wake up to the reality that you are living in a dream world.
Get plugged into information. Do your own research, educate, communicate.

It is difficult to glean truth and information from Mainstream Media (MSM). MSM twists things to justify their predisposition.  Whether it is skirting around inconvenient facts, making up (new,scary) words, changing terms, nonsequituer arguments…it is all amusement.
This has been used recently in discussing: gun control, war, the economy, China.


We talk with Sheriff Rogers about what it means to be a Constitutional Sheriff.  He takes a hard stance in protecting citizens against unconstitutional federal laws.
Sheriff Brad Rogers also sits on the CSPOA board with Sheriff Mack.
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