I believe 100% in freedom, liberty, the Non-Aggression Principle, and personal responsibility.   So if you want to know how I feel about something, ask yourself this: "will what is being done give freedom or take it away?" Now with these ideas of freedom, we understand that people are going to act stupidly and make poor choices.  But as long as your actions are not bringing force on another person, that is your right to make those poor choices. Some people will say, "Well Libertarians think you should be able to beat your wife and rape your kids!" As outlandish as this sounds, these very words came from my own extended family.  That example that they used is an inaccurate depiction of liberty and freedom. Yes, people do have the rights to: read, write, say, think, own, ingest whatever they want.  BUT, the moment they bring uninitiated force on another person, their action has become illegitimate and must stop. I believe that as long as one subscribes to the Non-Aggression Principle, which is "a moral stance which asserts that aggression is inherently illegitimate" then the government has no right to tell me what to do in any regards. If I am adhering to the Non-aggression Principle, then any time that the state (government) tries to tell me what size soda I can drink or what I can put in my body, or what I can read or say, my freedoms and liberties are being denied and I am living in tyranny. 

      Many of you might be asking where I personally stand on the "Liberty Spectrum".  It wasn't that long ago that I shed my statist skin (much to the chagrin of my family) and converted to Libertarianism.  From Libertarianism, I continued the journey and study of freedom. After a few weeks of research, listening to the Bad Quaker and the Freedom Feens podcasts, I realized that Anarchism was a better fit for me.
     I have always been a very "rule oriented" individual.   Whether it was because I was too scared of the consequences or just had respect for human life. That's just how I was.   It might seem odd to think that now I subscribe to an Anarchist political belief;  but truthfully it's really not that odd.  I haven't shed my life of rules; I just subscribe to new rules. I subscribe to rules that were written by God and nature, not some egotistical man who lies and steals for a living! As for my stance on Liberty I am in-between a Minarchist and an Anarcho-Capatilist(An-Cap). There are two minarchist beliefs that are keeping me from being a full on An-Cap. Firstly, I do not believe that a Militia (now known as the National Guard) is capable of delivering an adequate National Defense.
     I had served in the Indiana National Guard and was deployed to Iraq during my enlistment, during this time I found that the Active Duty component of the military referred to the National Guard as "Nasty Girls", in an attempt to put them down. I will say that my time in the military showed me that the Active duty component is much "better", meaning better trained and more professional than the National Guard, and it isn't the Guard's fault,  it's just the nature of the beast. Active duty trains full time when the Guard is only part time, and Active duty gets far more money and far better equipment to perform the job.
    With all of that said, I still believe that the military needs to be drastically cut.  We should still have a standing army, only for national (federal) defense. With that belief, and with all of the setup I just did, I do not believe that the National Guard (modern day militia) is up to the task, or could even adequately perform the task of national defense if America came under a direct attack.
   My second minarchist point is that, as Christians, we know that the world is a broken and fallen place. We know that people are born with sin and some people are just plain evil.  Even though I feel that most police officers are just trying to throw their weight around and bully people into doing what they want (for various reasons). What if our police officer's got back to being true Peace officers and were relieved from having to enforce victimless crimes? They would now be able to function in a far more appropriate way than we have now. If utilized in this role, the police would be protecting us instead of policing the two or three infractions that they have memorized to gain tax revenue for the state.

     This mission of promoting liberty that many of us have been called to is a journey. It does not happen overnight.   One does not simply make the change from communist democrat or fascist republican to anarchist without serious thought, exploration, and prompting. For me personally, I did not begin to change my school of thought until I saw the injustices around me; they may have been affecting others, but I had to wonder how long it would be before they began affecting me. I had to ask myself "how much longer until they come for me?" "how many rights will they take?" "how free will I be allowed to be?"

    I had to act because I didn't like the answers I came up with. The moral of my story is simple, do not be afraid to speak up and do not give up hope, continue to share liberty minded information, quotes, pictures, facts, and share them wherever you can because people are listening and they are being impacted.