Anarchist = Contrary to some people’s beliefs, this does not mean a violent person who wants blood in the streets. It means a peaceful person who does not believe in any government.

Central Scrutinizer = Any government’s attempt to spy on its subjects’ private communication, whether by Internet, phone, or meeting on the street. Our use of “The Central Scrutinizer” is to represent the entire state mechanism of immoral spying on, and censorship of, citizens, but personified as if it’s one person whose full-time job is spying on the free people.

FedGoons = Any armed federal agent who oppresses people for violating nanny laws. Also known as “FLEAs” (Federal Law Enforcement Agents.)

Freedom of Ingestion = Phrase for something that Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin would have absolutely put in one form or another into the Bill of Rights if they had a crystal ball to see where their “Republic” had ended up today, and where it’s headed from here. Freedom of Ingestion would basically be the right to put anything you like into your body, or not put anything you don’t want, into your body.

The Government = The government is the apparatus of the state. It encompasses all people and organizations that work for the government or who are "local/political officials."  

Horizontal Enforcement= The way that square, statist citizens help perpetuate the State and its nanny laws by their attitudes and words. Commonly seen on juries where people vote guilty and want the judge to “throw the book” at people who violate nanny laws. 

Horizontal Liberation = A phrase meaning the opposite of Horizontal Enforcement, i.e. the way that hip, liberty-loving people help educate others about the joys of freedom and the dangers of the State and its nanny laws by their attitudes and words. 

libertarian = The opposite of an authoritarian. A person who thinks people should be able to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t initiate aggression on anyone else. Michael and Randy are libertarians.

LibPar (pronounced “lib pair”) = Libertarian Paradise. 

Lincoln Licker = Someone who thinks that American President Abraham Lincoln was almost a deity, and ignores the fact that he violated the Constitution, suspended habeas corpus, declared martial law, enacted a sort of “Patriot Act”, and went to war with Americans and Native Americans. Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are Lincoln Lickers.

The Market = Saying for what is commonly called “The Free Market.” Michael was inspired by The Freedom Feens and Ben Stone to call what’s usually called “The Free Market” simply “The Market”, because “The Free Market” is A, redundant, and B, often used for things that are NOT a free market. (Like when pro-War on Drugs Republicans or pro-any nanny law Democrats talk about being “pro-free market”).

Minarchist = Someone who is almost an anarchist but would consider a tiny amount of government, probably to only cover interstate highways and a defensive-only military. 

Nanny Law = Any law that doesn’t protect anyone from anything, and only oppresses people. Examples include: drug laws, anti-gay marriage laws, gun magazine round limits, seat belt and helmet laws, raw milk confiscations, the Gibson guitar confiscations, and overt regulation of any kind.

Neo-Con = Neo-Conservative. A Republican who claims to be for small government, but wants to increase the size of the government for the things he thinks need it. Also the Republican citizens who support such candidates and believe their bull plop. A Neo-Con is basically a Democrat who hates pot and gay marriage and loves killing brown people. 

Non-Aggression Principle or NAP (also called “Zero-Aggression Principle” or ZAP) = The basis of libertarianism, voluntaryism and true anarchism, and the only ethical way to live. Living by the non-aggression principle means you live your life in a way that does not coerce, steal from or harm anyone. Many people participate in coercion, even if not by their own hand, but by voting for “representatives” and cops to do it for them, and perpetuating that system through horizontal enforcement. Self-defense, even including violence, to stop someone from initiating aggression on you or others, is not a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle.

bama Humper or Obama Licker = Exactly the same as a Lincoln Licker, but about Obama….Including the fact that Obama has violated the Constitution, suspended habeas corpus, declared martial law, laughed at the fact that he’s broken campaign promises, renewed the Patriot Act, suspended the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Tenth Amendments; has gone to war on brown people in the Middle East, bypassed Congress to do so; and has branded non-violent Americans a threat. Obama has also gone far further than any American president, by openly and proudly killing an American citizen without a trial, using a flying robot(drone).

Roads Scholar = A statist who says “But who would build the roads??!??” as their first line of “defense” whenever anyone mentions reducing the size of, or eliminating, the government. Taken from the phrase Rhodes Scholar, but used as an ironic insult.

Statist = Person who worships The State (the government, any government) and/or the idea of government…People who, out of ignorance or bitterness or fear or not knowing better, support The State and its violence. All Democrats AND Republicans are statists. Even Ron Paul. But as Sovereign Curtis once said, “I’m a big fan of Ron Paul. I tell people he’s my favorite government thug. But he’s still a government thug.”

The State = The state is the concept. It's the government, any government. If you destroy the government without destroying the state, another government will naturally be created. You must first destroy the state, then dismantle the government.

Voluntaryist = A person who practices voluntaryism, i.e. one who believes in only having interactions that are voluntary. Closely related to anarchist and libertarian, though some libertarians still vote, and a voluntaryist does not, as it is participating in a non-voluntary system (politics).

War on Guns = Actions by skunk-like gun-grabbing politicians in governments at the federal, state and local levels to keep honest people from being armed, either in one fell swoop, or incrementally. Also includes horizontal enforcement of these policies by citizens who parrot the lies of the gun grabber politicians. The War on Guns is also a great pro-gun blog by David Codrea.